Don’t neglect your water softener

Don’t neglect your water softener or other filtration equipment!
Do you have a water softener that is not working the way it did when it was new? When was the last time you had it inspected or serviced? Are you having to call your water service company to come out frequently and is your water softener needing expensive repairs every time? Maybe it’s time to get a second opinion!

Water softeners are great when they work properly and can save you a lot of money if:

it was sized correctly for the amount of water used on a daily basis when, it was purchased.

it has the proper sized control valve for the flow required.

it was installed with the proper sized piping.

it is using the proper salt type.

it has a brine valve with adjustable float and check.

it has a brine tank with a brine valve well.

it’s brine tank was sized properly for the correct amount of brine needed for regeneration.

it was installed with a correctly sized, sediment filter before the water softener.

it receives sufficient flow of water for regeneration.

it doesn’t regenerate when something else is using water like, a sprinkler system.

it is allowed to drain without restriction and has the proper drain line size.

it has the correct pickup line to the brine tank.

it is properly set for the water conditions which, is determined by a water test.

it is not receiving a high amount of chlorine from the source water.

it is not receiving high salinity source water.

it is not receiving a high amount of iron from the source water.

the system water pressure is regulated properly and is not fluctuating.

The biggest problem?

Water system neglect. Sometimes people get busy and do not check their system on a monthly basis and some don’t check their system for years. People put faith into their water service company and expect they are doing the maintenance properly and never check behind them. The main rule of water purification is to never totally rely on someone else. If you do not know how your system operates, you will never know if your water company is taking care of you properly. So, Take the time to learn about your system! If, your water company won’t teach you, call us because, we will.

Check that pre-filter!

Don’t neglect your pre-filter (aka STF sediment or sand trap filter)! It is very important to check the sediment filter that is before your system on a regular basis. Monthly checks are highly advisable especially, if your water company or you, are using paper filters. Paper filters are inexpensive but, they have two major problems; they can have a drastic effect on water flow and they can fall apart and clog up your control valve.

Above: Clogged, paper sediment filter.

The unseen culprit!

Many times, people will know something is going on with their water softener or other controlled filtration device and have checked everything but, still find no cause. Sometimes, you have to call in a water service company to resolve the issue. If you call your company out and they tell you there is nothing wrong or if they charge you for a fix and it is still not fixed. Maybe, it is time for a second opinion. A second opinion may cost you the price of a service call but, it also may save you money in the end and land you with a more qualified service person capable of taking care of your particular needs.

Above: Clogged internal component left unchecked by another water service company.

Above: Iron precipitation from an incorrect installation of components.

Above: The result of; wrong filtration equipment for the filtration need which, created a fouled filtration unit.

Above: Another example of fouling from a filter that was not sized correctly before being sold to the customer.

Your water passes through those filtration units; if they are not checked regularly and maintained properly, your health may become effected by it. Water softeners and other types of filtration units are nice to have but not if they are inoperable or redundant.

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