How do I know my pump needs to be replaced

Q. How do I know my pump needs to be replaced?

A. Well, besides the obvious, it is not working; you may want to simply look at it.

If your pump looks like it needs to be replaced, maybe, just maybe, you should think about getting that done and call AquaTek today! If it looks this bad on the outside, what do you think it looks like on the inside. Remember, your water is flowing through the pump. We were shocked that it was still working at all but, in a way, we are not. That is a Sta-rite pump and that is why we sell them. They last a long time; maybe a little too long. Anyway, our customer has a nice new Sta-rite pump with a composite housing so, rusting will not be a problem.

Old rusted Sta-Rite pump
Old rusted Sta-Rite pump before replacement.
New Sta-Rite 3/4 hp pump
New Sta-Rite 3/4 hp pump after installation.

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