I have a Water Softener, but I still have odor in my water. Why is that?

A: Water softeners do not remove most taste and odor problems, although, they can help remove the metallic taste of iron in water.

1. Odors are typically caused by hydrogen sulfide (“rotten egg smell”) in wells or “bleach” smell in chlorine treated water; both of these causes can be resolved using an activated carbon filter in conjunction with a water softener. The Aquatek Pro Aerator can remove the hydrogen sulfide and chlorine smells by gassing them out of the water.

2. The sacrificial rod installed in your water heater can sometimes be the cause of your odor in the hot water if it is made of magnesium. Having a qualified plumber replace this rod with one made of zinc, could solve this problem.

3. Iron in the water can also cause smells or cause the water to taste foul. Iron can be removed with an Aquatek Pro Aerator before it can reach a water softener. Since water softeners are poor at removing iron, you will see a huge savings in salt if an Aerator is in line.

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