I live in Lakewood Park and I have rotten egg smell and my neighbor doesn’t why is that

We run into this all the time! You have rotten egg smells from hydrogen sulfide and your neighbor doesn’t. Crazy right? Well, there are a lot of factors that can cause this situation. One being how deep you well is compared to your neighbor. Your well may be in one part of an aquifer and your neighbor can be in a totally different aquifer. There may be a layer of material that is providing better filtration than what you have. Some wells in Lakewood Park have tannins and some have hydrogen sulfide. Some of the lakes in Lakewood park have a sulfur smell and some don’t. Some people in Lakewood Park suffer from iron while some don’t. Iron problems in Lakewood Park generally come from old wells where the pipe walls of the well are starting to deteriorate. Another cause of iron problems can also come from other components of the water system such as the pump or metal pressure tank.

It really is the luck of the draw when a well is installed by someone that didn’t know how to find good water or you have a really good, knowledgeable well driller and the later is what we always recommend! Whenever, a well is needed, always consult with a well driller that knows the area and the ground and has been in business for a while. If cost is the main consideration when needing a new well, cheaping out may get you nothing but headaches! Having said that, there may be a solution to your water problems. We really can’t advise you how best to deal with your issues without conducting a water test and knowing what is going on with the water.

All you have to do is give us a call and we will come and test your water for free. If you need a well driller, we can help you with locating only the best and most knowledgeable in the business; we know a few.

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