The true cost of buying bottled water

The true cost of buying bottled water!!!

On average, the people that consume bottled water, drink 167 bottles of water a year; at an average cost of $1.45 per bottle. Before sales tax one would spend $242.15 per year on bottled water, per person. A household of 4 people, all consuming bottled water would cost $968.60 per year. If you consume, a bottle of water every day, it would cost you $529.25 for yourself and $2117.00 for a family of four, before sales tax.

Our Aquatek Pro line, 10″ standard filter, 4 stage r/o system with pressure tank and faucet would cost you $265.00 before applicable sales tax. Reverse Osmosis systems are so inexpensive most of our customers replace the entire unit every five years and never have to worry about having clean drinking water. Having your own R/O system will not only save you a lot of money, it will also eliminate lugging water from the store and keep the plastic bottles which, can take between 400 and 1,000 years to decompose out of the landfills and oceans if not recycled.

You could also go a step further and filter your entire home or business for an average cost of $3800.00 and have clean water running through the entire structure with our Aquatek Pro computerized systems. Whole house systems are the biggest money savers when setup and installed properly and will give a longer service life compared to under the counter R/O systems.

R/O systems are setup in stages. Generally, in a typical 4-stage R/O system, the first stage would consist of a sediment filter. The second stage would be a carbon filter. Third stage would be the R/O membrane and the fourth stage would be a final “post” carbon filter which, some also refer to as the polishing filter. A five stage R/O system may contain an extra, finer, sediment filter or carbon filter. A water test indicates the quality of the water entering the home or business and with this water test we know exactly what filtration stage setup would be needed, to remove the contaminants in the water.

Five stage R/O system
Five stage R/O system

We do not recommend running the same R/O unit longer than five years due to filter housing contamination, the upside to replacing them is, they are inexpensive. Once the initial installation of an R/O system has been done you simply unplug the old unit and plug the new unit in. The huge plus to having whole house filtration is; the equipment lasts a lot longer especially, if the equipment is installed in a garage or some other enclosure which, keeps the sun, rain and other elements off of them. With whole house filtration, you not only have clean drinking water but, bathing water as well. It is not uncommon for whole house filtration equipment to last 15, 20 or even 30 years if, care is given in respect to the elements of nature when installed, the equipment is properly maintained and quality equipment is purchased such as, our AquaTek Pro line filtration systems.

AquaTek Pro whole house filtration equipment
AquaTek Pro whole house filtration equipment.

So, when you are thinking of saving money and still have clean drinking water which system will save you more money in the long run? Whole house systems are the obvious choice in the long run, not everyone can afford the cost or they are not in one place for long periods due to employment moves and such and small R/O systems that can be made portable, are a better choice. R/O systems must have frequent (every 3 months for a family of four) filter changes to be truly effective while whole house filter media can last years. Filter life and media life is determined by how hard they are taxed by the water quality that passes through them and a water test is the best way to estimate the life of both.

When comparing the cost of bottled water to R/O or whole house filtration systems the savings with either filter system can be significant. So, let’s compare equipment purchase next to bottle water over a 15 year time span. In the scenario below we use a family of four that consume 1 bottle of water each, at a price of $1.45 each and consume 167 bottles of water a year. This family decided to replace the R/O system every year because, it was still less to do so, than purchasing bottled water.

Bottled water

R/o system

Whole house system

Year 1 $968.60 $265.00 $3,800.00
Year 2 $968.60 $265.00
Year 3 $968.60 $265.00
Year 4 $968.60 $265.00
Year 5 $968.60 $265.00
Year 6 $968.60 $265.00
Year 7 $968.60 $265.00
Year 8 $968.60 $265.00
Year 9 $968.60 $265.00
Year 10 $968.60 $265.00
Year 11 $968.60 $265.00
Year12 $968.60 $265.00
Year 13 $968.60 $265.00
Year 14 $968.60 $265.00
Year 15 $968.60 $265.00
Total $9,686.00 $3,975.00 $3,800.00


Whole house filtration equipment will last, on average 15 years if placed out doors in the elements and is the reason we did a 15 year span in the above comparison example. Compared to bottled water, a whole house system would be paid off in less than four years with the money spent on bottled water and the entire house would be filtered. An R/O system could be paid off with money spent on bottled water in 3 1/2 months. At the end of 15 years, even if you replaced the R/O system every year, you would save $5711.00 and if you replaced the R/O every five years, you would save $8891.00 but, keep in mind, an R/O unit will only give you drinking water at a point of use faucet. A whole house system at the end of 15 years would save you $5886.00 and the entire house would be filtered and still have a point of use faucet.

Now ask yourself, “Why am I lugging water from the store?” and we will ask you, “What would you do with all that extra money?”.

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